Myth: PEO Clients will not be able to get loss runs
Reality: Loss runs are available upon request anytime from WBS. These are the same loss runs that any traditional client would receive directly from their carrier.

Myth: Pricing is confusing and has a lot of hidden fees
Reality: WBS seeks to make pricing very transparent by itemizing every cost and fee up front. Clients can be assured that there are no hidden fees or surprises when they receive their payroll invoices.

Myth: PEOs promise safety incentives, but they never make payouts
Reality: WBS is very proud of our safety incentive program. Over $15 million dollars have been paid out to date. Please see our website as well as our Facebook page for success stories and pictures.

Myth: A PEO will not properly pay client taxes
Reality: WBS has an established, stellar record of the reporting and payment of taxes. Clients of WBS can be assured that our tax experts take this responsibility very seriously and comply with all federal, state and tax regulations.

Myth: PEO clients lose control of their business and employees
Reality: Although our clients have a co-employment relationship with WBS on paper, each client retains complete control of their business and their employees. This allows WBS to ease the client’s administrative burdens around payroll, benefits, safety and claims management.

Myth: My construction payroll is too complex for a PEO system to understand
Reality: WBS exclusively serves the construction trades. It has dealt with every type of payroll (i.e., certified and prevailing wages on public works, union and non-union, piece rate, job costing, etc.) .

Myth: PEO administrative costs are expensive and make PEOs noncompetitive with traditional carriers
Reality: With our A+ AM Best Rated Carrier, our client’s overall costs are less expensive than most traditional carriers. We also increase cost savings with an addition of safety professionals, payroll processing and annual safety incentives.

Myth: Some contractors and many government agencies do not accept PEO certificates
Reality: WBS is partnered with an A+ AM Best Rated Carrier with a Financial Strength of XV. This partnership gives us the ability to issue workers’ compensation certificates to our clients that many builders will accept such as Skanska USA, Ryland Homes, Gilbane Builders, Coastal Construction and more.