Payroll Administration

Without the usual hassles and distractions of owning and operating a business, you and your decision makers are free to pursue your most ambitious business objectives.


Put Our Team On Your Team

WBS has enjoyed tremendous growth in it's ten-year history because it saw a market and served it well. While growth has been a major goal, we know that our long-term success is based on fulfilling the trust that our clients place in us. We understand that no two businesses are the same, so we offer a wide range range of products and services to to meet the varied needs of our clients. For business owners that place their trust in WBS, they know that they can count on us to be there for them, everyday. Earning that trust is a daily commitment.

Big business benefits and economies are not the only things that Workforce Business Services has to offer. In fact, many of our clients will tell you that their number one reason for leasing employees is greater operating convenience.

Workforce Business Services will:

  • Process and deliver your payroll
  • Assume the liability of tax reporting & payment
  • File all required quarterly tax forms including 940s, 941s, and others Issue year-end W-2
  • Calculate and make deposits for FICA, federal, state and local taxes
  • One check for all payroll obligations including benefits, government mandated insurances, taxes and more.
  • Employment verification
  • Process and deduct employee levies, child support and garnishments
  • Simplify paperwork and claims processing for workers' compensation, unemployment and benefits
  • Provide certified payroll free of charge as part of our services
  • Assist with employee relations issues.