To report an accident call (Para reporter un accidente llame )
24/7 accident/injury hotline (linea de informacion de relcamaciones)
All accidents/injuries must be reported to your supervisor immediately (Todos los accidentes o lesions tienen que ser reportados inmediatamente a su supervisor)

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Who We Serve

Your Hard Market Solution

In the construction industry, business owners are faced with an ever changing environment. Whether it be the increased paperwork involved with bids and contracts, cost and availability of materials or deadlines that need to be met, WBS understands these challenging tasks of landing jobs in competitive markets. We also recognize that risk management and employee safety can be difficult.

WBS specializes in integrated workers’ compensation and payroll services for construction trades and other higher risk industries allowing you to maintain control of all strategic aspects of your business and your people. You can’t do it all, so focus on doing what you love.

Example industries that we insure:

  • painters
  • framers
  • roofers
  • masons
  • welders
  • flat concrete
  • structural concrete
  • drywall
  • steel erection
  • carpenters, etc.