To report an accident call (Para reporter un accidente llame )
24/7 accident/injury hotline (linea de informacion de relcamaciones)
All accidents/injuries must be reported to your supervisor immediately (Todos los accidentes o lesions tienen que ser reportados inmediatamente a su supervisor)

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Lower the cost of doing business through our volume discounts.

WBS can help stabilize your costs and insulate you from unexpected increases from workers' compensation and unemployment insurance, which can be catastrophic to your business. The model is called employee leasing, or co-employment. WBS offers a streamline program that allows construction contractors to access the benefits of larger competitors by applying volume discounts to achieve lower workers' compensation rates, accurate payroll and targeted safety services. The services that WBS offers come in a bundled package that not only helps your business gain attraction, but does so in a way that also allows you to be competitive in your industry.

WBS is proud to serve the construction industry and have helped countless companies, large and small achieve solid, sustainable success over the years. By partnering with WBS, we enable you to focus on your business growth with the relief of relentless burdens and high cost insurance and administration.