To report an accident call (Para reporter un accidente llame )
24/7 accident/injury hotline (linea de informacion de relcamaciones)
All accidents/injuries must be reported to your supervisor immediately (Todos los accidentes o lesions tienen que ser reportados inmediatamente a su supervisor)

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There is a big check in your future

A well-managed loss prevention program can help reduce the frequency and severity of workers’ compensation claims, protecting employers from the costs associated with the increased premiums and loss of personnel.

Blue Collar Dollars is a proven safety incentive program that has helped thousands of contractors.  Our carefully designed program was created to help our clients earn up to 10% of their workers’ compensation premium back for maintaining a safe workplace.  Our documented payout has surpassed $15 million dollars to date. That’s a number worth talking about!

  • “The more safety conscious we are, the more attractive we are to customers, especially the bigger customers”- Darren Tangen, Midwest Roofing & Solar. In 2012, Darren received $24,420 back as a part of our safety incentive program
  • “Here you are delivering what you said you were going to do. It really incentivizes us as a company to promote safety. Safety is number one in our business” -McDonnell Roofing Inc. Our safety incentive program earned McDonnell Roofing a check for $30,804.55 back in 2012
  • “I’m very pleased with these folks. I’d recommend them to anybody.” -Dave Hancock, Raneri & Long Roofing Co. In 2012, Dave received a $6,415.00 check back through our safety incentive program.

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Ron Raley has been our "go to" guy on safety issues. He always steers us in the right direction whether it involves field advice or dealing with government agencies.- Roy Wilson, Wilson Walls Inc.