To report an accident call (Para reporter un accidente llame )
24/7 accident/injury hotline (linea de informacion de relcamaciones)
All accidents/injuries must be reported to your supervisor immediately (Todos los accidentes o lesions tienen que ser reportados inmediatamente a su supervisor)

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Loss prevention is important for large employers, but even more so for small employers. WBS furnishes our clients with a valuable resource to help manage this critical part of their business. We have strategically built a team of skilled Client Service Specialists (CSS) to provide practical, hands-on services tailored to meet our clients’ needs. Our specialists have a passion for reducing and ultimately preventing workplace incidents and injuries. Our CSS team helps contractors reduce risk and manage compliance with safety laws. At no additional cost, clients can manage an efficient and effective safety culture by taking advantage of the tools and resources provided by our CSS team.

A well-managed loss prevention program can help reduce the frequency and severity of workers’ compensation claims, protecting employers from the costs associated with increased premiums and loss of personnel. As a true partner in workplace safety, keeping our client employees safe is our main focus.

Clients can visit our e-library by logging into the safety portion of our website. Once logged in you will find a catalog of safety topics, printable forms, slide show presentations, and much more. Our workers’ compensation carrier also offers safety videos at a highly discounted rate.

For more information please contact our

Loss Prevention Department at (941) 527-0079.

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